How it works

As a diplomat you normally have a privilege to import things duty and tax free. This means that anything you buy in this store (or elsewhere) can be imported without paying local import duties and sales tax (there can however be local charges which you still have to pay, like storage fee or document release fee).

Once you place your order with us you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation and order tracking details. Once your order has been dispatched you will receive invoice and air waybill which you will use to prepare Customs Clearance under Diplomatic Rebate with the help of your Embassy. You can enquire with your Embassy before you place your order to avoid any unnecessary delays once order is on its way.

Our responsibility ends when goods reach the AirPort of destination and placed in storage before Customs clearance. Any additional charges (such as storage, document release from the courier, import duties applied by Customs) that may be applicable at destination will have to be settled by you. Please note that even if you do not have diplomatic privileges to import goods tax and duty free you can still import them but in that case you will have to pay local taxes and duties. Drop us a line and we can try to get more details on how that works at your duty station.