About Online Dip Store

My name is Mike and I'm the founder of this Online Store for Diplomats! Being a diplomat and have lived in various countries in Africa I often experienced lack of some products and especially food and drink products. In some cases I found things to be overpriced in local grocery stores. In order to make our life comfortable while living away from home we often travel with a lot of luggage bringing with us all sort of things and still we couldn't afford to take everything we wanted. From here my idea was born to make life easier for myself and other diplomats who find themselves in similar situation.

Being a diplomat often implies having the privilege to import goods free from local taxes. And while freight may add to the total cost it may still be worthwhile stocking up on things that you'd normally have difficulty locating on local stores. While the idea is not so new and there are other stores out there offering similar products and services I hope you can still find something of interest. So thank you for visiting and please do let me know if you have any comments or suggestions - info@onlinedipstore.com